Modular Kitchen Design

Modular Kitchen Design

Modular Kitchen manufacturer in Gurgaon & Dwarka Expressway

Star Kitchens and Interiors is providing you with the latest and well-developed kitchen designs in Gurgaon. Helping you to build your kitchens in your desired ways, we offer the best designing and installation support to our clients. Whether you need a simple or highly modern kitchen design, we have all the facilities to fulfil your demands. We are covering most of the latest modular kitchen designs under our services.

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itchen designs. Some of the popular modular kitchen designs available are as follows.

• L Shaped kitchen
• U Shaped Kitchen
• G Shaped Kitchen
• Inline Kitchen
• Island Shaped Kitchen
• Parallel Shaped Kitchen
• Italian & German styled Kitchen

We are capable to design and install any type of personalized kitchen setup as per your requirements. Whether you need L shape kitchen design or any other trending shape and style, we are capable to give you the unmatched support at unmatched prices. We make sure to provide you with maximum storage and cooking areas along with the well-organized spaces for other cooking accessories. Whether they are closets, sinks, cooking stations, or anything else, we take each thing in considerations before offering your support.

Some complex kitchen types such as G Shaped and U shape kitchen design are not easy to implement. Also, they are highly expensive. But, when you choose us to get your desired kitchen design, we give you the best support at affordable prices. Our expert staff will be there to design the best sort of kitchens for you. Well-organized designing strategies and expert installation tactics are great if you are looking for the best kitchen design solutions in Gurgaon and its nearby areas.

The kitchen designing services are backed by industry experts who are having a huge experience in the designing field. After fully understanding your requirements, they provide you with the best kitchen designs that suit your styles. To know more about our services and pricing plans, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.


Buy Modular Kitchen Online at Best Price in India

Installing a modular kitchen next to your living room in your home is a big investment and a huge step. The readymade kitchen layout helps determine where different aspects of the kitchen are based on certain constraints. Most of us live in homes that cannot be started from scratch, so to create your favorite layout, the general shape of the kitchen can be set. Still, when planning your dream kitchen, keep modular kitchens in mind as much as possible. We have the best modular kitchen designs at Star Kitchens & Interiors.

Types of Modular Readymade Kitchen Design 2022

L Shaped Modular Kitchen Design:

This is the most used kitchen layout. The L-shaped modular kitchen layout is ideal for small apartments as it maximizes the available floor space. It provides you with maximum storage solutions space and allows you to easily integrate a small dining table into your kitchen. There are several stylish L Shaped modular kitchen designs available at Star Kitchens & Interiors.

Straight Modular Kitchen Design:

It does not use the actual triangle itself. Instead, the workflow is based on straight lines. This layout is ideal for studios and loft apartments. This category helps to minimize kitchen space and maximize optimal efficiency. There are several stylish straight modular kitchen designs available at Star Kitchens & Interiors.

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Design:

This is for you if your home has a large kitchen area. This layout features the most efficient working triangles and provides the most storage space (plenty of tops, bottom, and tall modular kitchen cabinets). In addition, sufficient counter space can be secured, making it ideal for multiple people using the kitchen simultaneously.

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design:

There are two long work areas on the opposite side, which can be divided into a "wet" work area and a "dry" work area. It provides ample shelf space, storage solutions, and freedom of movement. Parallel kitchens are suitable for most apartments and can be easily adapted to your needs. There are several stylish parallel modular kitchen designs available at Star Kitchens & Interiors.

Island Modular Kitchen Design:

If you have kitchen space for it, it's a great contemporary option. It combines a linear or L-shaped kitchen model with an island space that is not connected. The island can be used as an additional counter area, breakfast corner, bar counter, or your favorite baking corner. You can also equip a sink or stove. With two facing work areas and storage solutions, this kitchen layout is ideal for open-plan living and entertainment. Due to their versatility, these kitchens are at the heart of the home.

Modular G-shaped or Peninsula Kitchen Design:

Like the Island Kitchen, the Peninsula Kitchen features a self-supporting workspace that provides a second work, counter, or entertainment area. You can also make it attractive with bar stools. It can be connected to the main workspace; with four sides. This is great for small modular kitchen areas; the peninsula provides all the benefits of an ideal worktop using less floor kitchen space.

Types Of materials And Finishes used:

Engineered wood:

Wooden kitchens are expensive but durable. You must be wary of defects such as knots, termites, and debris which can spoil the overall modular kitchen design. If you have a limited budget, choose wood for the outside of the base cabinet and match it with your home interior designs, home decor, and kitchen furniture. Inside, you can store more pocket-friendly materials and equipment. There are many affordable modular kitchen designs available at Star Kitchens & Interiors.

Plywood Kitchen:

Plywood is preferred because of its strength This is laminated lumber made from resin-pressed veneer sheet. It's a little expensive, but it's strong enough to make it the most preferred material in the kitchen.

Particleboard/ Chipboard:

This is ideal for minimal kitchen work and is the most cost-effective material available in the market as it is made from sawdust and scrap wood and goes well with the dinnerware. This is one of the reasons people question its high quality. This material is lightweight and cannot hold any more weight. Particleboard is economical and environmentally friendly as it is made from residues left over from the manufacture of other laminated lumber products and reduces landfills. If you are environmentally friendly, this is an option available in various hues. Get the best particleboards at Star Kitchens & Interiors.

PVC Cabinet Material:

PVC kitchens are not suitable for continuous use. But this is one of the most pocket-friendly materials for modular kitchen cabinets, which is also easy to clean and maintain. There are two types of PVC panels for kitchens: hollow cores and foams. The biggest advantage of PVC kitchens is that they are easy to repair and come in a variety of colors.

Stainless Steel:

This has antifungal and antibacterial properties. The post-pandemic world is the latest material for modular kitchen cabinets and is gradually gaining ground in the online market. It is more durable, water-resistant and rustproof, and easy to clean. A stainless steel kitchen is for you if you prefer easy maintenance and a sleek look.

How Your Modular Kitchen Works (Process & Steps)

Here are five easy ways to plan your Modular Kitchen.

Step 1: Define the kitchen/plate shape/layout

In this step, the layout of the major kitchen appliances, countertop, and storage area is determined to consider the best way to use the space available in the kitchen.

Step 2: Module selection

The main focus when designing a kitchen is the kitchen cabinets and modules. Each module has shelves, drawers, cabinets, and more and we have an abundance available at Star Kitchens & Interiors.

Step 3: Select a material

It is important to ensure that the materials used are tested against water, termites, etc. Your standard kitchen must support all three tastes: modern, classic, and contemporary. You can choose the base surface and base material according to your budget.

Step 4: Choosing a Countertop

Choose the appropriate kitchen countertop once you have decided on your kitchen layout, modules, and surfaces. You have various choices, including granite, solid surfaces, and artificial marble. Granite has excellent cost performance.

Step 5: Select The Appropriate Utensil/Sink/Faucet

After fixing the top, select the appropriate utensil such as stove, fireplace, microwave oven, oven. Once this is done, select the appropriate sink single/double bowl with or without drainer and faucet.

Why Should You Buy The Best Modular Kitchen from Star Kitchens & Interiors?

There is a reason why the kitchen is called the centre of the house, where you and your family get together while eating. The kitchen has become a multitasking space that goes well with the kitchen furniture where you can cook, dine and socialize. Star Kitchens & Interiors' best modular kitchen design is a stunning blend of tradition and modernity, ideal for Indian homes. Their modular kitchen design enables freedom of movement unobstructed work traffic while transforming cumbersome spaces into smart storage solutions with the best designers in India.

Reasons to Choose Star Kitchens & Interiors Modular Kitchen Design

With Star Kitchens & Interiors, you get high quality and supreme functionality at the most reasonable modular kitchen price. Experts are in charge of everything from design to delivery. Their design allows for flexibility and symmetry at great prices. Choose the design you need for your kitchen and let the experts do the calculations for you. You can personalize your home interior designs, tv units, and the kitchen style that suits your tastes and your budget. To provide the perfect kitchen experience, Star Kitchens & Interiors' sleek and modern design makes your dream kitchen effective, stylish, and extremely functional.