7 Tips for Designing a Modular Kitchen on a Spending Plan
Posted By : STARKITCHENS  / 21-Oct-2020

7 Tips for Designing a Modular Kitchen on a Spending Plan

Modular kitchens, the minimum requirement that you should be aiming for while considering to go for one is to make sure that the design is customized to be practical and thorough. Modular kitchens featured ample modification opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a function. Although technique and accuracy are vital to have a beautiful and luxurious kitchen, you can also consider the list below easy pointers to get begun with your modular kitchen design and strategy.

Take the kitchen work triangle into factor to consider

The kitchen work triangle is a modular kitchen wardrobe design guideline that assists to plan effective workspaces and clear traffic lanes in the kitchen. It makes up the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. A significant part of your kitchen preparation consists of choosing how to set up these 3 items so that one can easily access the cooking, cleaning and food storage locations without overcrowding the kitchen area

It is advised to draw a draft of your kitchen space first before deciding the type of layout you desire to choose. A basic guideline, as mentioned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, is to let a range of 4 to 9 feet in between each leg of the triangle.

Strategy your design

You require devoting to a design to design a modular kitchen for your home. Modern-day kitchen areas aren’t just about cooking and cleaning. They are the centre of the home and have ended up being more multi-functional than ever. Think well and prepare your design spaces according to the activities that will happen there such as dining, conversations and tea time.

Utilize the ideal countertop length

For countertops, the recognized standard height of the countertop is somewhere around 32 or 33 inches. You also need to make sure that the kitchen cabinets are not expensive from the countertop otherwise it may be extremely tough to reach the upper shelves.

Comprehend that these design standards are set considering the typical height of people. So, like any feature of your home, your designer can adjust the countertop height to fulfil the preferences of your family.

Know your colour scheme well

The colour scheme you pick can include a finishing touch to your kitchen space. As you have to keep the kitchen colour for a very long time, it is recommended to prevent using an all-white colour scheme for your kitchen. That will demand consistent cleaning and high upkeep.

Designers typically provide a predefined set of colour combinations to select from to make your choice simpler. Make sure that your kitchen colour goes well with your overall home decoration.

Ventilation is important

A lot of heat is created when you are cooking in the kitchen. Although the chimney and the exhaust fan assist to vent out the fumes and heat outside the kitchen area, having a door which opens out in the balcony or cleaning area is always helpful. This will guarantee your kitchen has proper air blood circulation even when you are not cooking. Also, this will prevent the smoke from accumulating inside your home.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen is important. Make sure that the overhead lighting falls on the countertop where many of the activities are performed. Currently, cabinet lights are gaining appeal due to the direct shine they put on the countertop, which is terrific for cooking at night.

Security First

Pay routine attention to gas piping and take needed steps to forbid gas leak from curving countertop edges

Those steps can help you cover all the elements of creating the finest modular kitchen services in Gurgaon. Keep in mind that the steps can be personalized to fit your requirements as well so 

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